I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them, Anyway, here is a genuine example of what physical therapy can do for you.


I met Mr. William Diaz in July of 2017 when my, then 96 year old, father (and housemate) was admitted to Heartland Health Care Center after hip replacement surgery resulting from a fall. The first two weeks of my father’s stay there were sad and scary, it was then, by the grace of God, that William approached me with a plan and some hope.

My always cheerful, engaged, independent, agile father became depressed, lethargic despondent and unresponsive. He was rarely out of bed and when he was he had to be carried, or as “they” call it “physically transferred”, from bed to wheelchair and then back again in the same manner. He began developing bed sores and pneumonia from lack of movement. His health insurance carrier was threatening to suspend coverage due to “lack of progress” and their prognosis that my father would not regain the ability to walk. I was terrified at the prospect of taking my father home in that condition and lacking the skills to care for him.

That’s when William, having read the evaluations in the progress (or rather lack of progress) reports suggested that I request changes to his “Rehab Schedule” and offered his personal time to accommodate the additional physical therapy hours his plan called for. Not only did William teach my father to walk again but by including me in the sessions he equipped me with the skills I needed to care for him.

Watching William do his work was amazing. Always respectful, William pushed, coached and coaxed my father into steady progress. Slowly at first my father began to make strides. Reports began to reflect progress invalidating the insurance company’s reason to discontinue coverage. After 3 weeks with William my father was deemed ready to come home, and almost as importantly, I was confident in my ability to care for him.

Five weeks after being admitted my father walked proudly out of Heartland and came home. My father is now 98 years old and is happy still living with me at home. 

William is my hero. I don’t even want to think of what might have been were it not for William. I am, and will eternally be grateful to William.

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